Finishing some pieces for my upcoming album. The recordings start next month…I’ve been quiet for a good reason More info about the places and with whom I’ll be working , in a few weeks!!

Brudenell Piano Sessions – Leeds

Such a special night at Brudenell Social Club. What an enthusiastic audience!! Thanks for making my job easier! Also great performances by Jessie Marcella and Imogen. Simeon Walker thanks so much for inviting me to Brudenell Piano Sessions. It was an honor to be part of it. Finally my team: Samuel Martins Coelho, São Mestre, Pinuts Music Agency and Câmara Municipal do Porto. I couldn’t make it without you!!

UK Dates

Next month I’ll be playing in London and Leeds. It’s the first time that I’ll be presenting VIBRA in the UK. It’ll be also great to share the stage with #rogergoula #simeonwalkermusic #imo_g_en and #jessiemarcellamusic . I’m truly happy and hoping to see all of you there!! 👊🎫Tickets:London @theoctobergallery (Free but reserved in advance here: @nath_brudenell (Pay what you can) (brudenellpianosessions)

Live @ Misty Fest

It was an incredible night where I was able to play VIBRA’s pieces but also an opportunity to play some of the songs that will be part of my next record. Your reaction was amazing. Thank you all!

Two years ago

Today I remember VIBRA recordings, the first lockdown the day after the last sound capture at Fundação Serralves and the following months, in a makeshift studio at home, courtesy of the first confinement. When we finally finished the record, we had to postpone the debut concert at Casa da Música twice, followed by another confinement with more tour dates canceled. As Allen Saunders remarkably wrote, ‘Life’s what happens while you’re