VIBRA was, in a way, a huge surprise: the name of JP Coimbra was familiar from other “movements”; the creator of Mesa was also a contributor to notable projects such as Três Tristes Tigres, Goldfinger or Bandemonio by Pedro Abrunhosa, but he advanced into new fields with his debut as a solo artist. JP Coimbra mixed musical genres with a vision closer to neo-classical and was inspired by emblematic spaces

De tanto procurar ainda me encontro

No início do ano fui desafiado pela A Palavra a integrar a sua primeira colecção de Livros/CD. O conceito agradou-me bastante porque agrega Música e Escrita, as minhas duas grandes paixões.Reuni então um conjunto de textos a que juntei outros tantos e compus também a música sobre a qual o enorme João Reis entregou generosamente, voz e alma. É por isso com enorme alegria que vos informo que este “De

VIBRA’s out!

VIBRA is finally out to the World! It was written as a concept record rather than a random collection of pieces, with the objective of combine the plasticity of untreated public spaces and their inherent acoustic characteristics into the composition, the spaces becoming an extension of musical instruments. The reason for this was the idea that these locations, with their geometry and materials, would change the way we played the

From Afar + Herbert’s Long Sighted Dub Remix

“From Afar” is the center piece of VIBRA, it was simultaneously the first track I wrote for the album but also the first where I tried to combine seamlessly the felt piano, synths and the strings, helping me paving the way to the rest of the narrative. Is out today and includes a remix by the one and only, Matthew Herbert !! I couldn’t be more happy, grateful and thrilled

Invincible Summer – new single

Extremely happy to share “Invincible Summer” my new single included on “VIBRA” out on 9 September through Manners McDade label, Cognitive Shift Recordings. Vídeo link: Muito contente por partilhar o vídeo de “Invincible Summer” e por ver o VIBRA ser lançado internacionalmente, em Setembro! Podem ver o vídeo no link acima.