Hi there, I’m happy that you have found this page.

My name is JP Coimbra and I am a professional musician. So far, it has been a beautiful journey with many ups as well as the occasional down. Throughout my musical journey I have learnt that impermanence is a ruling aspect of life. A most relevant example being Covid-19 and the myriad of ramifications it brings with it.

I have worked with many talented people, both on my personal projects, various side-projects and multiple collaborations including producing music for film, theatre and dance. As this musical journey of mine continues I’m really excited to let you know about my new project:
V I B R A – a Portuguese word that means “vibrate” and refers to the mechanical aspects of sound.

I mix classical and electronic music using piano, strings, synths, percussion and sometimes a choir. I made all the recordings in various locations, be they in buildings, on and around lakes and in subterranean rivers. These different locations are an extension of my musical instruments. Also expect some nice film footage to accompany the audio as we recorded the whole process.

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João Pedro Coimbra